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The top 10 animals rights issues, including human overpopulation, veganism, factory farming, animal experimentation, pets, and hunting. Teen Empowerment in Somerville has also been doing work to bring youth and police into dialogue, as reported in the Somerville Times here: Youth/police sessions break down barriers and here: Somerville youth and police walking and talking together The Somerville Neighborhood News reports here on a recent police-youth basketball game, with police and youth building their relationships as they work together on teams.Foie grasEric Risberg/AP moral or legal entitlements attributed to nonhuman animals, usually because of the complexity of their cognitive, emotional, and social lives or their capacity to experience physical or emotional pain or pleasure.  Those concerned about animal welfare work to ensure optimal care of animals and to minimize suffering. Generally speaking, while deeply committed to the care of animals, animal welfare advocates place a higher value on human life than on an animals. Some very violent animal rights organizations are classified as domestic terrorist organizations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.Defenders of animal rights believe that fixed ethical rules place limits on our treatment of animals: there are some things that we are not permitted to do to an animal whatever the circumstances.  Most people who embrace the animal welfare philosophy believe that it is appropriate and healthy to consume meat for food, so long as meat is derived from animals raised and processed according to scientific standards of care and state and federal regulatory requirements. While the animal rights philosophy is one embraced by a tiny fraction of the American population, the movement has been successful in its fundraising efforts and monies donated to animal rights organizations has climbed steadily over the past several years. Despite its current popularity, interest in animal welfare is not a modern phenomenon.You may copy any or all of the online text of How to Do Animal Rights to promote animal rights, animal welfare or animal ethics - especially if you wish to rewrite it colloquially in your own language.  In its simplest form, animal welfare refers to the relationships people have with animals and the duty they have to assure that the animals under their care are treated humanely and responsibly. Concern for animal care and wellbeing has existed since domestication, which occurred at least 10,000 years ago in Neolithic times Our appreciation and respect for animals led to their domestication, animal agriculture and animal husbandry , the branch of agriculture that deals with the care and breeding of animals. This is the primary animal welfare focus in the US today and it`s one that animal professionals spend considerable resources working to address.The FBI on Friday announced the arrests in Oakland of two animal rights activists, Joseph Buddenberg and Nicole Kissane, and accused the pair of engaging in domestic terrorism.” This comes less than a month after the FBI director said he does not consider Charleston Church murderer Dylann Roof a terrorist.” The activists` alleged crimes: They released thousands of minks from farms around the country and vandalized various properties.” That`s it. Now they`re being prosecuted and explicitly vilified as terrorists,” facing 10-year prison terms. Dr. Bernard Rollin , an animal science professor at Colorado State University, argues however, that 20th century technology broke this ancient contract when it allowed us to put animals into environments and uses that didn`t impair their productivity but harmed their well-being. Even as these businesses explore new approaches and adopt new and improved practices, however, the optics makes it difficult for critics to believe that animal welfare is being nurtured.
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At the federal level there are laws governing the care of zoo, circus and marine animals ; the humane slaughter of farm animals , how laboratory animals should be treated, and how dogs raised in commercial dog breeding kennels should be housed and cared for. In addition to the many programs and policies developed to improve standards of care and wellbeing for animals, animal welfare proponents also work to end animal abuse.In addition, there are countless local ordinances regulating the keeping of animals, laws that regulate dog breeding and a host of other activities that formerly were conducted in more rural settings. Animal abuse comes in many forms, but for purposes of simplification, can be separated into two major categories: abuse that occurs as a result of negligence (failure to act properly) or harm that results from deliberate acts. The lines are sometimes blurred between what is intentional and what is not, and cases are decided on the basis of case-specific facts. Animal rights campaigns frequently use strategic deceptions against animal owners and businesses.Every state now has felony laws against animal cruelty, but they vary tremendously from state to state in the acts they designate as felonies, and in the punishment they impose for those crimes. Although packaged for maximum appeal, animal rights beliefs conflict with the views of at least 94% of Americans , the number who eat meat. Many animal rights groups do little more than exploit animal welfare problems for their own fundraising purposes. Another area of disagreement between animal welfare and animal rights proponents is over the legal status of animals.Americans are generally unaware of the true animal rights agenda And that makes sense: Although animal rights leaders state their positions clearly when speaking to their followers , many of them hide their true beliefs under a mantle of animal welfare rhetoric when speaking to the public, misleading their audiences about their true agenda. Many people who view themselves as animal rights advocates are simply people who love animals and want to do something to improve their lives.Animal rights supporters push for legal rights for animals, something that requires a change in the legal status of animals and mandates a new class of government administrators to make decisions on behalf of animals. Fundamentally, the animal rights approach to animals is less about improving their care than it is about politics. Animal rights ideology works to separate people from animals and if achieved would sever the human-animal bond. The willingness of the animal rights leadership to misrepresent their beliefs and motives and to work with illegal factions indicates that their views arise from different roots.